Childcare - Ethiopia - Brazil

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peration Rescue, a child care project, is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO); a non profit-making Christian-based charity. It was founded in the year 2000, and works in Ethiopia and Brazil for the well-being and development of orphaned and extremely poor children, using a non- institutionalised ”Community Based“ care approach.

Center in Ethiopia

The organization’s objective is to take orphans, street children and extremely poor children from their vulnerable situation and to help them to achieve their maximum potential - academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The ”Community Based“ approach means that such children live with their extended family or relatives, or with members of the community. They attend local schools for half a day and spend the other half day at the project center, where they receive a hot meal, tutorial classes, sports, computer classes, swimming, music, dance, help with homework etc. When necessary they also receive medical help in the  center’s clinic, school materials, shoes, clothes and any other basic needs they may have. 

At the center they also have the opportunity to play and interact with other children.

Center in Brazil